Connecting back to our Roots with Vetiver

Life can be busy for us. We go at such a fast pace, it can be very difficult to slow down and find peace of mind. One way to slow down is to connect with nature. Nature brings balance to our busy lives. Connecting with nature is connecting back to our roots.

A powerful way to connect to our roots is by inhaling Vetiver. Vetiver grows mostly in Southern India, El Salvador, Haiti, Japan and Java. For thousands of years it has been used to prevent soil erosion. Vetiver is a perennial grass that reaches six feet in height, so it requires soil rich in nutrients for its roots to grow strong and deep. Vetiver is known to repel insects and comfort those with headaches, sore joints, and sadness. For centuries, Vetiver has been used to lift people’s thoughts and ground them in the present moment.

vetiver-with rootsThe Latin name for Vetiver is Vetiveria zizanioides. It belongs to the plant family called Poaceae or Gramineae. Understanding the plant family essential oils come from helps us discover the restorative properties that help us sooth ourselves and ground us in the present. When we slow down and breathe the vetiver essential oil, we can reconnect deeply with our personal, comforting roots.

One of my clients is a very busy executive with many responsibilities. During her initial consultation she said her mind raced constantly, and she just wanted to slow down and find something natural to help her cope with the busyness of her work day. She inhaled Vetiver and immediately said it smelled like the earth right after a spring rain. She smiled because she had wonderful memories playing in the mud as a child after a rainfall. Vetiver grounded her and took her to a place of comfort.

Since Vetiver is nontoxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing, pregnant women have used this essential oil in the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy to minimize stretchmarks. The safest way to use Vetiver in pregnancy is to dilute one to two drops into one tablespoon of organic vegetable oil. Many women will choose to continue this practice for weeks after birth. Many women have said the smell helps to comfort themselves when they are busy mothering others. It helps maintain their emotional balance.

vetiver with oilVetiver essential oil mixes well in a vegetable carrier oil along with Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil. In one ounce of organic vegetable oil, mix two (2) drops of Vetiver, three (3) drops of Lavender, and one (1) drop of orange essential oil. This will be a 1% dilution and can be used as a massage blend or inhaling blend for self-grounding and rooting.

I am pleased to introduce you to one of the roots of nature, Vetiver. May you come to know its personality, and may you experience a grounding, restorative return to your roots.

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