Seeking That Which Uplifts Us: Essential Oils and the Child Archetype

Children love to sing, play, and enjoy life with wonder. Happy children usually are balanced, well cared for, and loved. A child’s innocence can melt our frustrations when we are overworked or busy. Smiles are shared, and eyes become soft with recognition and appreciation. This soothing, comforting experience can be enhanced with a few drops of an essential oil blend.

Essential oils tap into parts of the brain and emotional centers that affect the central nervous system, causing an instant psychological and physiological reaction. In fact, our sense of smell is so powerful that in some instances, just thinking about a smell can be as powerful as really smelling the scent! Do you remember as a child what an orange looked and felt like, and then how you felt when you peeled it? It sprayed its scent and juice on your skin and under your fingernails. Remember tasting that orange and relishing the burst of flavor from its sweetness? See how you feel right now just imagining eating and smelling your orange? You have changed the limbic system in your brain to uplift you, and you may have even caused yourself to smile. This joyful and soothing experience can replicate each time you think, smell, or eat an orange. That’s the power of pairing an essential oil with our child archetype.

The challenge for us when we are sad or disengaged with life is to seek out that which uplifts us. When we discover our child archetype and use essential oil therapy, it helps to restore our joyful spirit. One example of a personal essential oil blend I have used in conjunction with the child archetype is: a 15 ml or ½ ounce of organic vegetable oil or grapeseed oil mixed with six to twelve drops (1% – 2%) of an essential oil blend including Neroli (Citrus aurantium), Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis), and Sandalwood (Santalum album). Inhaling or placing one to two drops on a cotton ball to smell during the busy day can be very calming. If applying a few drops to the skin in a diluted fashion, avoid sunlight, as the blend is photo sensitive and can cause irritation to the skin.

Choice is your greatest power.  It is an even greater power than love, because you must first choose to be a loving person. – Caroline Myss

Meet and embrace your child archetype and use essential oils to help you find balance. Choose a personal essential oil blend that supports your mind and emotions – it will give you that ‘internal hug’ you need and help you uncover your own personal purpose, for just for today.



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2 thoughts on “Seeking That Which Uplifts Us: Essential Oils and the Child Archetype

  1. Very interesting. Last week while cooking I broke the stem of a tomato and smelled it. It took me right back to a feeling of peace and happiness as a child walking through my Mothers garden. Hm-m…looks like I’m right on schedule for this web sight:) I’m looking forward to learning more. Thank you!


    1. Hi Ruth, I am so glad you have peace and happiness with just the smell of a tomato stem. What a good memory.
      Everytime I smell shoe polish it reminds me of my Dad. When I was little I would love watching him polish his shoes. Thanks for bringing your mother’s garden memory to me so I could remember my Dad’s shoes. Isn’t this amazing what our memories can dc?


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