Who do you think you are? The Saboteur Archetype

Saboteur ArchetypeWho do you think you are? Look at you with all those messy emotions. Get a hold of yourself!

Do you occasionally suffer from seemingly uncontrollable emotions and thoughts and can’t seem to stop them? Do you ever beat yourself up and tell yourself you shouldn’t be so emotional? How many of you have tried to tackle or fix these sabotaging emotions and thoughts by yourself? The saboteur archetype can take us into a dark place of fear and dread. But fear not, these patterns of thought can be used to help you really learn who you are.

It is common to experience self-doubt and low self-confidence but getting to know yourself by examining your archetypal patterns is worth the spiritual labor. The pattern of the saboteur invites you to a spiritual labor. Much like birth, it is best to go into this archetypal labor with someone who is knowledge and supports you. I saw this all the time as a nurse midwife helping women give birth to their new babies. The word midwife means “with woman,” but for me, it now means “with the person who is in a spiritual labor.”

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” -Dr. Carl Jung

Learning about your own archetypal patterns can help clear your mind and allow you to make more wise and discerning choices in your life. We each have our own unique spiritual map and birth plan to reach our highest potential in life. The saboteur archetype can actually shine light on our truth and give us the self-confidence to live with peace of mind. A calm mind and balanced emotions are the ‘children’ of your archetypal spiritual labor. Working with these spiritual contractions enables you to respond calmly to your inner saboteur with confidence, saying, “I know who I am, and I have peace.”

Don’t be afraid to confront your inner saboteur. Don’t be afraid to go into labor. All labor involves pain, and as you get to know your saboteur, you will experience some pain. But just as the reward of physical labor is a beautiful child, the rewards of emotional labor are self-discovery and a profound reduction in fear. Breaking free from negative thinking is a labor of love. I encourage you to love yourself by examining, journaling, praying, and sharing your emotions, fear-based thoughts, and resentments with another safe person. These safe persons include qualified clinical counselors, spiritual directors, or qualified health and spiritual coaches.

Why not try an archetypal consultation and add comforting essential oils in your spiritual labor of deeper self-discovery? A mixture of vetiver, lavender, and sweet orange is a wonderful combination to comfort your emotions when the stress of negative thinking and self-sarcasm invade your peace. Blending your archetypes and your own unique essential oils can ease your spiritual labor when these contractions of negative thinking come calling.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal its self. The challenge is to silence the mind.”
-Caroline Myss

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