Shhhhhhhh! Listen to your Soul.

Supporting your Inner Life with Essential Oils and The Samaritan Archetype

In 1922, Albert Einstein had no money to tip a Tokyo bell boy. So instead he wrote on a piece of paper his theory of happiness, and in 2017 that piece of paper sold for $1.56 million. He scribbled down in German, “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” This can be a soul message for all of us, but could it really be this simple? Aren’t we all looking for peace nowadays? We seek fulfillment in events, things, books, Gurus, people, and being busy, when it’s the opposite that serves us better. How can we cultivate a calm mind and heart now? How can we be good Samaritans to our souls? We have lost the key to our own inner heart. Our souls have become outcasts in our culture. Soul health and modest living are unheard of and often frowned upon in our loud social media influenced lifestyle.

One way we can be good Samaritans to our souls is by learning our soul’s way of speaking to us. We can learn to be that good kind helper to our own hearts by listening and nurturing our inner lives. This goes against everything our culture tells us. Picking up our hearts, brushing off long-held resentment wounds, and placing the balm of an essential oil on our hearts is an act of kindness, self-nurturing and a symbol of releasing unneeded suffering. This quick, simple, Samaritan archetypal act for ourselves begins to open doors to our inner world. We all can be our own good Samaritan – after all, the answers to our unrest lie inside our own hearts.

A few essential oil blends that act as soothing Samaritans to the heartache of unrest include: Jasmine Jasminum officinalis, Myrrh Commiphora molmol, Rose Rosa damascena, Spikenard Nardostachys jatamansi, Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata var. genunina, and Orange Citrus sinensis. I usually blend at a 2% dilution three to four of these essential oils in vegetable oil and place a few drops directly on my heart. I hold the people, things, or places I carry resentments there and pray, either out loud or silently, that I let this anger go. Often, I do this more than once, and each time I ask God to remove my resentment and anger and as I breathe in the essential oil blend. My heart seems to calm, and I feel cared for and tended to as I finish my prayer with a simple thanks. Try it and see if letting go of your anger and resentments by this simple self-care act helps you feel more centered.

Remember, if your anger and resentment need further “Samaritan assistance”, qualified counselors, spiritual directors, and health care providers can be sources of help. But in the meantime, why not seek to understand your soul’s messages to you and nurture your inner life in a tangible way with your own anointing essential oil blend.


Research article on psychological stress and heart disease.


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