Archetypal Awareness
There are distinct, identifiable, consistent patterns of behavior that define us and affect our daily interactions with others according to the theory of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung.  These patterns of behavior, also known as Archetypes are intimately ingrained in us and are the very foundation of our personality, feelings, motivations, actions, and beliefs. We all share common archetypes, but there are many others specific to us that influence who we are and how we act and behave. Barb will help you identify your own personal Archetypes and lead you on a path of discovery, understanding, and growth. Integrated with essential oil therapy, Archetypal Awareness can lead to greater self knowledge and a balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

We all possess both shadow and light archetypes. Descriptions such as, ‘she is a talented artist’ or, ‘he is a kind father’, are actually descriptions of Archetypes that define what our patterns of thoughts and behaviors are. If we understand the Archetypes within us, both our shadow and light parts, we begin to discover how they shape and influence our relationships with family, friends, co-workers and community. Recognizing and knowing our Archetypes helps us understand much more deeply our soul’s or psyche’s growth according to Dr. Jung. Choosing how to use the power of our Archetypes can give us a deep, discerning knowledge of how we may find balance in mind, body, and spirit.

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