Essential Oils and Savior Archetype

“I may not be much but I’m all I think about!” That’s my moto when my head is cluttered with worry, anxiety, and fear of the future. What if I lose what I have and don’t get what I want? When I get like this I try to fix others, I try to become their … Continue reading Essential Oils and Savior Archetype

Essential Oils and Empaths

Dad told me that is was ok to have strong feelings. “Feelings are fickle,” he said. “Sometimes they are like loud booms of sound coming from your gut, and other times they are like whispers in your throat.” He understood me. All Dad had to do was wink and hold my hand to let me … Continue reading Essential Oils and Empaths

Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Out of the blue, I began to cry. Who cries when they’re doing the dishes? I do. I was missing my mother… badly. She seemed to always be in the kitchen when I was little. I would come home from school and hear the sink water running as she finished cleaning the lunch plates. It … Continue reading Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Essential Oils use with the Fashionista Archetype

Outer Myths and Inner Motives Did you ever let a bad hair day ruin your entire day? Sometimes all the blow drying in the world won’t hide my grey hair or smooth my cowlicks. I look in the mirror and wrestle with my choices – do I try to fix it and get more frustrated, … Continue reading Essential Oils use with the Fashionista Archetype

Spiritual Pain Relief with Essential Oils and ‘Monastery Moments’

In our rush to get ahead, pay our bills, balance our checkbooks, put gas in our cars, take the kids to school or care for aging parents, we think about what we truly yearn for, and that breaks our hearts. We ache to slow down, to just be -- but how do you do that … Continue reading Spiritual Pain Relief with Essential Oils and ‘Monastery Moments’