Got Any Change?

Essential oils and Prayer "Everyone prays in the end." Sam Smith singer and songwriter. Got Any Change? Prayer. Changes. Everything. Pausing to pray during the holidays can change everything inside. As a nurse-midwife, I had the challenge and honor to be with women as they gave birth. Attending births during the holidays was extra special … Continue reading Got Any Change?

Empowered over Devoured: The midwife archetype

Empowered not Devoured The Midwife archetype We placed a drop of Bergamot oil on our index finger, rubbed our thumb, then pinched the Shen Men acupressure site on our ears. We smiled at each other as we inhaled this beautiful oil and felt the release of the day’s worries. This was the opening move for … Continue reading Empowered over Devoured: The midwife archetype