Meet Barb

Barb Kurkas Lee

RN, MSN, IAC, CNM (ret)

Erie, Pennsylvania

Barb is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, graduating from the Integrative Aromatherapy® Certificate Program for Health Professionals. She is certified in Essential Oil Safety by The Tisserand Institute.

She is a Certified Archetype Consultant, having completed studies at the Caroline Myss CMED Institute.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing with a minor in Theology from Carlow University, a Master of Science degree in Nursing from Gannon University, received her Certificate in Nurse Midwifery from Case Western Reserve University, and has broad experience in most areas of nursing, most recently in hospice and palliative care.

Barb’s passion is to integrate the ancient medicine of essential oils, sacred contracts, archetypes, and self care with modern medicine to help clients understand the vital connection between mind, body, and spirit. Her hope is for clients to participate in their own care, and achieve balanced health through this integrative model. Her ultimate goal is for clients to bring sacredness into their daily choices and utilize traditional and non-traditional methods to achieve a peaceful, healthy lifestyle.

Essential oil and its therapies introduce a reverence to self comfort and an awareness of their healing effects when used with western health care treatments.  Barb assists mothers during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and helps those in palliative and hospice care or those in chronic

pain. Overall health can be improved by using essential oils along with understanding personal patterns of choice in the client’s past that may have created imbalances. Barb uses the Caroline Myss model of Sacred Contracts to reveal belief patterns in clients who seek to better understand themselves and their health. By integrating personal belief patterns and essential oils, Barb helps to empower people to become aware of unconscious choices, and redirect conscience choices for clients in a therapeutic relationship.

Essential oils bring clients a soothing personal experience as they seek to uncover and exchange unhealthy patterns in their lives for ones of greater choice, freedom, comfort and balance. Barb is available for consultations, personal appointments and group education. She educates and offers essential oils and/or archetypal consulting for those choosing to seek a more comforting and balanced healthy life.

What clients are saying about working with Barb:

When I was going through some major transitions in my life I consulted Barb.She was very thorough and extremely compassionate. She took her time introducing me to different oils to assess my response to them.

Salena W.

I found Barb’s gifted facilitation of breathing essential oils and her highly intuitive guidance in the unearthing of the archetypes of my sacred contract to be invaluable in helping unlock the mystery of the role I played in the development of my cancer.

Joseph V.

My experience of being introduced to the archetypes has been incredibly transforming for me! It has been a sacred experience that somehow elevates my daily struggles into real growth opportunities.

Sister Karen

After trying many different and unsuccessful treatments for my chronic knee pain, I found success with an essential oil blend Barb made specifically for me. I used it regularly until my pain resolved and I still use it for the occasional flare up. –  JFB


Working with Barb has been invaluable!  Her knowledge and experience with essential oils are unrivaled.  The blend of high-quality essential oils that she created for me has really helped ground and relax me at work and during periods of stress.  I use it regularly!  Also, doing the archetype work with Barb has allowed me to access some of my … Continue reading Christy


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