Services for Essential Oil Therapies  2018

Your Personal Essential Oil Therapy Blend

Barb creates your personal essential oil therapy blend after a though assessment of your, physical, emotional, and spiritual history. This will be done in person, on the phone or by Skype. Your personal essential oil blend will be made and given to you after the consultation. This can be done with or without your personalized archetypal discovery wheel.

Essential Oil Therapy

The purpose of essential oil therapy is to comfort, provide relief, calm, and enhance the health of persons in all phases of life. Essential oil therapy is very individual and personalized, and can be used in a wide variety of situations. Barb provides only the finest, authentic, sustainable, ethically harvested oils from reputable sources around the world. She produces individualized, personal blends specific to your needs based on your history and present concerns. Barb promotes the responsible use of aromatherapy by qualified, certified professionals. She brings years of experience as a masters educated registered nurse to provide you a vital connection to targeted, effective use of essential oils as part of a comprehensive physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness plan.

Types of Essential Oils Barb Uses

Barb uses essential oils from only the highest quality sources and reputable producers who provide in-depth analysis of each oil. Terms such as “therapeutic grade”, “food grade”, “pharmaceutical grade” and “medical grade” are not regulated terms in the United States and should not be considered when evaluating the quality of essential oils.

Bottles should be labeled with both the common name and Latin name. For example, ‘Lavender’ and “Lavendula angustifolia‘. Additionally, the label should contain the country of origin and the part plant from which the oil is distilled.

Archetypal Consulting

There are distinct, identifiable, consistent patterns of behavior that define us and affect our daily interactions with others. These patterns of behavior, also known as Archetypes, define us; they are intimately ingrained in us and are the very foundation of our personality, feelings, motivations, actions, and beliefs. We all share four common archetypes, but there are many others specific to us that influence who we are and how we act and behave. Barb will help you identify your own personal Archetypes and lead you on a path of discovery, understanding, and growth. Integrated with essential oil therapy, Archetypal consulting can lead to greater self awareness and a balanced, satisfying, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Fee Structure

One Hour Consultation – Essential Oils or Archetypes  $100.00 includes personalized blend (Essential Oils Consultation Only)

Two Hour Consultation – Essential Oils With Archetypes  $160.00 includes personalized blend

Group Class Instruction – Essential Oils or Archetypes $60.00 per person. Minimum four persons. Classes over ten persons, fee will be negotiated. Contact me to discuss.

Conference Speaking – contact me for more information

Essential Oil Blends

1 oz. Personalized Blend in carrier oil  $50.00 plus shipping

1/2 ounce Personalized Blend in carrier oil   $30.00 plus shipping

Larger blends/lotions/sprays -Price based on specific blend plus shipping

Professional Essential Oil Therapy sessions are to assist with self care and relaxation and can be part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Essential Oil Therapy and Archetypal Consulting does not diagnose medical, mental, or any other conditions outside the scope of nursing practice. It is not a substitution for advice or treatment given by a pharmacist, physician, or other licensed health care professional.

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