Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Out of the blue, I began to cry. Who cries when they’re doing the dishes? I do. I was missing my mother… badly. She seemed to always be in the kitchen when I was little. I would come home from school and hear the sink water running as she finished cleaning the lunch plates. It … Continue reading Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Women’s Self Care Retreat 5/5/2018 Erie, PA

Relax, refresh and rejuvenate with a delightful day of learning, laughing, and lighting up our lives!  Join Erie's own Meg Maly and Barb Kurkas Lee, as we banish stress with humor, laughter and play. Learn how to create magic with our thoughts. Add more balance and joy to our lives. Discover some of our amazing … Continue reading Women’s Self Care Retreat 5/5/2018 Erie, PA