Begging for Emotional Attention

"The Human being works as an integrated unit of body and mind, and to take care of one is to take care of the other." -Valerie Ann Worwood Shopping for groceries, I walked past a woman who gave me pause -- impeccably dressed, hair coiffed, nails polished with red glitter, the whole nine yards. But … Continue reading Begging for Emotional Attention

Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Out of the blue, I began to cry. Who cries when they’re doing the dishes? I do. I was missing my mother… badly. She seemed to always be in the kitchen when I was little. I would come home from school and hear the sink water running as she finished cleaning the lunch plates. It … Continue reading Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Essential Oils use with the Fashionista Archetype

Outer Myths and Inner Motives Did you ever let a bad hair day ruin your entire day? Sometimes all the blow drying in the world won’t hide my grey hair or smooth my cowlicks. I look in the mirror and wrestle with my choices – do I try to fix it and get more frustrated, … Continue reading Essential Oils use with the Fashionista Archetype