Warrior vs Worrier Using Essential Oils

When my son travels 150 miles to and from his college apartment, I would worry. Is he going to run out of gas, is the weather going to cooperate, will another driver hit him, is he going to get a flat tire, will he fall asleep at the wheel if he is tired? To cope, … Continue reading Warrior vs Worrier Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Savior Archetype

“I may not be much but I’m all I think about!” That’s my moto when my head is cluttered with worry, anxiety, and fear of the future. What if I lose what I have and don’t get what I want? When I get like this I try to fix others, I try to become their … Continue reading Essential Oils and Savior Archetype

Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Out of the blue, I began to cry. Who cries when they’re doing the dishes? I do. I was missing my mother… badly. She seemed to always be in the kitchen when I was little. I would come home from school and hear the sink water running as she finished cleaning the lunch plates. It … Continue reading Emotional stress and Rosa damascena

Ingesting Essential Oil Dangers

Once Upon a Time, Ingesting Essential Oils…

Once upon a time, I was told I could take essential oils by mouth to help my immune system. False! When I heard this, my stomach became tight and I held my breath – red flags were popping up all over the place -- this went against all my training. I wondered where the clinical … Continue reading Once Upon a Time, Ingesting Essential Oils…

Safe Bathing 101

Aromatherapy and bathing have been ancient healing partners for centuries. Egyptians as far back as 3000 BC bathed with essential oils and flowers up to three times a day. The Romans used essential oils in daily massages and bathing to maintain health. We may also enjoy the relaxing and soothing effects of essential oils when … Continue reading Safe Bathing 101