Salena W.

When I was going through some major transitions in my life I consulted Barb.She was very thorough and extremely compassionate. She took her time introducing me to different oils to assess my response to them.

There were times I wasn’t sure and Barb with her deep intuitiveness was able to sort out which oils resonated with me and which did not. I felt her time with me was very focused and I really appreciated not feeling rushed in any way. After a careful session of oils best suited for me and my situation, she created a mix for me.

I used this twice a day for a week and began feeling more clear on the direction I needed to move forward in my life. I continued to use the oils less, primarily when I had uncertainty arise, and the oils felt not only calming but helped remind me of the choices I had made for myself.  The decisions I made were solid and I feel the oils Barb created for me supported me in my journey.

My experience was so positive!

I highly recommend Barb for not only her skills as an aromatherapist, but her depth of intuitiveness, compassion, and affirmation all combine to create a wonderful healer.